I recently made the move to all Apple Macs at home and I am concerned that I do not have a backup plan and it may come back to haunt me. Last week I visited the Apple store in hopes of buying one of those time capsules but instead purchased an Apple TV, which is very nice and my kids love, but didn’t get anything yet for the all important backups.

Today, I came across this post by Aliza Sherman where she describes the results of ten months of procrastination.

I brag constantly about how I’ve never had a major crash on any Mac I’ve ever owned over the last 15 years – and I keep each one for at least 3-5 years which is eons for laptops. My Macs have been virtually bullet-proof.

But last week, my 10-month old MacBook crashed. And died. And now I’m slowly uncovering the depth and breadth of my arrogance. Because, my dear readers, I had not backed up my computer for 10 months. And the only reason I had a 10-month old backup of my data is because it occurred as I was getting my files from my old G4 laptop to my MacBook last Fall.

This is a cautionary tale for anyone out there who is still finding every excuse in the book not to back up their computer.

Does anyone out there think that the bulletproof quality for which Macs have been known is at risk since the guys at Cupertino outsourced their manufacturing to China? And should I trust another Chinese made product (designed in California, of course) with my most critical data?

Do you have a software backup strategy? What do you use?

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  1. iSinkSo

    Backup you must,mmmmmm or suffer defeat by the dark side
    Me print all documents out then use OCR if me needs to restore, I sink this best way ever

  2. Mike Nichols

    I use SuperDuper and back up every week. I used to back up more often, but had to use the disks for something else.

    I’ve read everything I could find about backup software and SuperDuper always comes out on top. It’s easy to use, and very fast, especially after your first backup. I don’t think it’s sold in retail stores, which is the reason you didn’t find it at the Apple Store.

    SuperDuper Website

  3. claude

    Thanks for the info.

    A friend recommended Jungle Disk, which backs your data up to the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). I’ve been using it and like it a lot, so I may end up buying it.

  4. Ashley Morgan

    Interesting post. We have 3 Macs in our house. One of the first Titanium G4 Powerbooks which is almost 9 years old, a 4 year old G5 20″ iMac and a 6 month 24″ Intel iMac. The Powerbook has never let me down. It needed a new power supply around 2 years ago and the finish is a little battered but it is as good as new.

    Although the younger machines have also never let me down there is something bomb proof about the older hardware. It’s just a feeling but I think the Powerbook will still be going in another 10 years.